School Uniform

The school uniform is compulsory and students should come to school wearing a neat and correct uniform. School uniform should be as follows. 

Classes Nursery-II

White terrycot dress as per school pattern. Polished black, flat-heeled strapped leather shoes, clean white socks, white ribbon or hairband.

Classes III to X

A full pleated white skirt (knee length) in band ½ inch wide. Pleats to be 1 inch wide all around. White blouse with monogram L.C.A. In blue on the pocket and with inverted pleat at the back. White ribbon or white hairband, polished black, flat-heeled strapped leather shoes, clean plain white mid calf length socks.

Nursery-V: Winter Dress

In winter long navy blue pants


"Inverted box pleat front and back navy blue knee length skirt, with a waist band of 1-½ inches. Beige blouse with 1.25 inches navy blue band on the sleeves and a navy blue open collar with full front open blouse. Loreto School monogram in navy blue on the pocket. Black shoes and white calf length socks. Cotton navy blue tailored shorts"


White cotton tailored shorts to be worn by all. Petticoats are to be worn under the dress. Under garments are to be white only.

It is advisable NOT to wear synthetic tights.

Cotton material can be used in summer and terrycot during rest of the season.

School badge must be purchased from the school and worn daily (classes V-XII).

Lab Coat (Classes IX-XII)

Science student of class IX to XII must wear a white short sleeve, collared, knee length Lab Coat (like the one worn by medical practitioners) made of thick cotton material during the practical classes.

Personal Property:

Books, bags etc., should bear the name of the owner. (Cardigans must have the Name, Class & Sec. Stitched on the border on the reverse side of the cardigan).

Girls with long hair will have to have their hair plaited and tied with a white ribbon or white band. No fancy haircuts are allowed for girls with short hair. No coloured clips, bands or comb should be worn. Only white is permitted. No jewellery except small ear studs or earrings should be worn. Any breach of this rule will cause the articles to be confiscated. Nails should be neatly cut. No coloured nail varnishes are allowed on fingernails or toe nails. Students are not allowed to apply Mehendi.

Sapling Count