Examination & Promotion


  • Promotion depends on the child's performance throughout the year in the unit tests and the two terminal examinations and not merely on marks scored in the final examination.
  • The Unit System divides the syllabus of each subject into clearly defined blocks of related matter, e.g. one or more chapters of a textbook. As soon as the matter of a particular unit has been completed in class, the student is assessed. The answer scripts of these assessments, duly evaluated are handed over to the student, taken home, signed by the parents and kept in a separate Unit Test file at home (to be produced for verification whenever required).
  • For students who are absent for the Unit Tests and Terminal Examination, (Classes VI to XII) no provision can be made for Supplementary Tests.
  • Pupils are NOT allowed to sit for promotion examination if the attendance during the year is below 80 percent.
  • The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is FINAL.


In the Primary Section there is no examination. Assessment is continuous and promotion is automatic.
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